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My Story

My name is Dani Portela, I am a western holistic Astrologer and Reiki Master. I have come from a pretty scientific, yet very metaphysical background which has been leading me to discover and uncover my path of individuation and continue to mature in consciousness as I experience one more life journey on Earth. With time, I have been learning to accept the natural rhythms of our Cosmos and our individual life cycles as I try to fully embrace the Truth of the ancient hermetic wisdom of “As above, so below.”

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My Approach

Through the lens of Humanistic, Psychological, Archetypical and Esoteric Astrology, I will provide you with a very empowering, holistic, non-deterministic and non-fatalistic analysis of your birth chart and transits. I have come to serve as a guiding light through the language of Astrology aiming to unfold, establish and reaffirm your higher life expressions. We will also intelligently identify and integrate potential natal or any upcoming transit shortcomings that may hinder you from achieving your highest understanding and meaning of your purposeful existence on this planet.

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